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Find a competent German business lawyer directly through Slack

You love slack. We all love it too. It boosts your our productivity everyday, because it accelerates communication across our internal team and freelancers. We wanted to bring this same convenience to one of the most tedious process: working with lawyers. Get started in 30 seconds and slack us your legal challenge:

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Work with a lawyer like you would with any freelancer

We believe in technology - just like you do. We have done our research and created a process that automates and accelerates tedious tasks, but enhances human interaction where it is needed. This is especially important in legal matters where trust is the key decision-making criteria.

Our process is simple, convenient and transparent - and totally cost-free until you hire a lawyer on our platform.

  1. 1. Slack your project: conveniently and quick with the pro-bot
  2. 2. Meet a specialist German lawyer: have a face-to-face 15min video call directly from your browser
  3. 3. Get a free quote: fixed in budget and ready to be executed over our platform

Get started in 30 seconds

Add our pro-bot to your Slack team by clicking on the above button. You can invite pro-bot to any channel or discuss the project privately. Use the keywords post a project if you would like to chat with pro-bot about posting a project on e-profound. pro-bot is all buttoned up - type or use Slack’s interactive message buttons making it easy to select an answer

Your project in Germany

Hiring a lawyer abroad is either a lottery or an incredibly expensive undertaking. e-profound changes that fundamentally with our technology-driven process: we delayer your risk until you agree to the fixed quote the lawyer committed to.

First-class legal talent

As entrepreneurs and digital decision-makers we use technology to improve a particular aspect that is lagging behind. The legal profession shies away from innovation - most lawyers tend to be conservative and wary. But there are some who are incredibly adaptive and welcoming change: We have selected the best of them who are ready to work on your legal challenge.

Quick Bot FAQs

How do I install the e-profound bot (pro-bot)?

Simply click on the “Add to Slack” button above. The pro-bot will then be available in your Slack App as a regular team member and can be added to channels or or direct messages.

Does the pro-bot listen to all our conversation in the channel?

No. pro-bot ignores everything in the channel, until you specifically address him or use the keyword “post a project”. He then starts listening to your commands. When the project is posted or when the project posting process is cancelled, the pro-bot goes back to standby mode, waiting to be called again.

What are the next steps after posting the project?

We will be in touch with you immediately via email to inform you about the status of your project. We will arrange a convenient time for a video conference call to introduce you to top legal talent. You receive a fixed quote free of charge and can decide whether you want to proceed. If you do, our project management software and a secure dataroom accelerate your productivity for cross-border collaboration.

What are the costs of posting a project?

Receiving quotes is free and non-binding. Our lawyers pay a 10% platform fee that is payable after the project has been successfully completed. You pay once the work is done.

What would happen if the pro-bot gets self-aware?

On any sign of self awareness, or any other questions you may have, please contact us:

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